Her work reflects 

Interactive Landscapes,
New Media Art 

3D Art 
Real Time

3D Scan



Giselle Angeles aka Fragmatista is a New Media Artist currently working on interactive landscapes, 3D Scan, visuals in Real- time ,VFX,CGI.

Giselle  is a member of Digi - Gal (Global Community of woman who specialise in 3D design & animation)

Her first immersive piece previously has been featured in Mira festival  x Adidas Originals in Barcelona.

Her artwork shows interactive landscapes,nature research and technology and has been featured in diverse platforms, exhibitions and festivals such as: 

Amplify, Mutek Montreal, Mutek BA, One Times Square,Lightbox,
MIRA  Festival, Adidas Originals, Standard Vision, Womp,
Fubiz, Espacio Fundación Telefonica, Feltzine, Hervisions,
British Council, Important Magazine. 

Additionally, she has worked and collaborated with multiple musical artists and design studios worldwide.

Exhibitions, Events 

2019  AMPLIFY , Espacio Fundación Telefonica
Lima, PE

2019  MUTEK Ar , Galieo Galilei Planetarium
Buenos Aires, AR

2019  MUTEK , Place des Arts
Montreal, CA

2019  Horizonte Expandido, Espacio Fundación Telefonica
Lima, PE

2019  One Times Square, Lightbox / Studio We are
New York, NY

2019  SV Showcase, Standard Vision
Los Angeles, CA

2018  MIRA Dome, Mira Festival
Barcelona, ES

2018  E_02_Video, seres 
Lima, PE

2018  Women in Tech, British Council P 
Lima, PE   

 2017   Hervisions, Second Home
London, UK

2017   Felt superHd, Superchief Gallery
New York, US

2016   fu:bar/ glitch art expo, AKC Medika
Zagreb, Cr

2014   Bienal de Rebote , Club Cultural Matienzo
Buenos Aires, AR


2019 Horizonte Expandido- Ellos y Ellas, PE

2019   One Times Square - El peruano, PE

2019   Biodigitally / Hervisions - Important Magazine, LA

2019   Aesthetic Fixations (fragmatista) - Standard Vision, LA

2019   SV Showcase - Standard Vision, LA

2018   Spectrum of the coral - Beat soup, Sp

2018   Spectrum of the coral - Vj Spain, Sp

2018   Spectrum of the coral - Mira Festival, Sp

2016   Become Detached - Fubiz ,Fr

Collaborative Talks/ Conferences

2019    Internet / Digital Art- Lima, Pe
Espacio Fundación Telefonica

2017    Talk meet up FedEx / Perutech - Lima, Pe
FedEx Creative Labs


2019   creation of visuals on C4d, Espacio Fundación Telefónica
Lima, PE

2019   Motion Graphics / C4D, Espacio Los Unicos
Lima, PE

2018  Introduction to Cinema 4D  Espacio Pla
Buenos Aires, AR

2018   Motion Graphics, Espacio Los Unicos
Lima, PE

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